Saturday, March 5, 2022

What is a Raspberry pi?

Hello, my name is Allison Pollock and I will be this week's blogger.

Many kids and adults are interested in learning about the amazing  Raspberry Pi but we all know that we can't start learning about it without knowing what it is first. People of all ages use a computer on a daily basis either a desktop, laptop or a cellphone. Nowadays with the available technology this computing devices has been shrinking in size and increasing in power. That is the idea behind the raspberry pi, a small single board Linux based computer that we could learn to program and make awesome projects.

Even I was surprised that a small thing can control all the stuff we use in their team. That's why today we are going to learn about this single-board computer.

First of I wanted to show a picture of the raspberry pi before we get started.

Raspberry pi

Now that we know how it looks, let's take a dive into its history. The raspberry pi started in 2006 and was launched in 2012. The Raspberry pi was created under the company Raspberry Pi Foundation in the United Kingdom. The person who created the raspberry pi was Eben Upton.

Eben Upton

The raspberry pi is a low cost low-cost (about 35$), the card-sized computer that can either be plugged into a computer monitor or a television. The raspberry pi can do anything from video games to high-quality videos. It works pretty easy and it doesn't take that much to learn if you're fast to catch up with it. The raspberry pi is a good way for kids to start learning about programming. It is told that a raspberry lasts about 7- 10 years if you treat it correctly.

The raspberry pi is provided by a set of GPIO’s (general purpose input/output) pins, that allows the programmer to control electronic components for physical computing and explore the world that surround us. 

Another thing is that the raspberry pi has tons of models that have been released throughout the years. The newest model is the Pi 400 which was released last year, 2021.

Raspberry pi can be used for multiple things such as coding. It can also be used to create home automation projects. In Our garage we are making our competing robot based in this little computer using Python to control it. Python is really cool computer language used by kids and adults. It has also been used in web aplications, game development, machine learning and more…

I hope this information has been useful and we all hope you get started making stuff with a raspberry pi. Moreover before I end Let's congratulate the Raspberry Pi Foundation for reaching its 10th anniversary this week. There has been a lot of activities around the world celebrating this milestone!


Monday, February 21, 2022

READY... SET... GO! PI WARS 2022

Pi Wars Season 2022

Hey everyone! 

My name is Josué Tarafa. I am going to be blogging this season for the Talleres de Marquesina Pi Wars Team in Puerto Rico.
The team is back and we are all very excited to be part of many teams from around the World. We have new members that are new to the raspberry pi environment but are learning fast. This year  we have new challenges but I am confident we can make an excellent work. 
This year Pi Wars theme is Agriculture 
and the Challenges for the competition can be found 
in this link here!

So... this in this week meeting, our mentor introduced the raspberry pi to our new members and taught the team how to turn on LED Lights, and taught how to code patterns using the LED lights on a raspberry pi. 2 raspberry pi were used (the team was divided into 2 groups, each group with a raspberry pi). The team connected the LED lights to the raspberry pi using a breadboard. 
A breadboard, according to
"A breadboard is a rectangular plastic board with a bunch of tiny holes in it. These holes let you easily insert electronic components to prototype (meaning to build and test an early version of) an electronic circuit, like this one with a battery, switch, resistor, and an LED." 

After turning on the LED lights using the raspberry pi' 3.3v and Ground we used the GPIOs and  Python to program the light pattern. After coding, the lights were turning on and off. Later, 2 more LED lights were added to the breadboard, and the team added more python codes. After finishing coding, the 3 LED lights were flashing in a traffic light pattern. This knowledge will be applied in the future when coding the raspberry pi to move the robot that will be used in the competition.


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Monday, November 22, 2021

We won !!!

We Made it !!! 

2nd Place

Young Team Novice

Look for here the Final Score!




This is the end of Pi Wars 2021

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Pi Wars 2021 Challenges


  • Feed the Fish
  • Up The Garden Path
  • Tidy up the Toys
  • DIY Obstacle Course


Hello Folks: 

    I am going to explain you how we completed each 2021 Pi Wars Challenge that we made in our Talleres de Marquesina. For this year we had to construct four challenges (This is taken from Pi Wars website)

Hola gente:

    Te voy a explicar cómo completamos cada Desafío Pi Wars 2021 que realizamos en nuestros Talleres de Marquesina. Para este año tuvimos que construir cuatro desafíos (esto está tomado del sitio web de Pi Wars):

Feed the Fish  : We had to build a tank for the "fish" so we send the design to cut in acrylic that Mr. Corteil  suplied. And some friend printed us the arena with all the correct dimensions.

Alimenta a los peces: Tuvimos que construir un tanque para los "peces", así que enviamos el diseño a cortar en acrílico que nos suministró el Sr. Corteil. Y un amigo nos imprimió la arena con todas las dimensiones correctas.


We decided to control it remotely using the keyboard. Here is Angel shooting the golf balls... I mean "fish food" using the arm. 

 Decidimos controlarlo de forma remota usando el teclado. Aquí está Angel disparando las pelotas de golf ... osea "comida para peces" usando el brazo.

Up the Garden Path: For this challenge we used the IR Sensor module in the bottom of the robot. It senses when light is reflected from the floor. It helps the robot navigate the path. Definitely the hardest challenge.

 Up the Garden Path: Para este desafío usamos el módulo de sensor de infrarrojos en la parte inferior del robot. Detecta cuando la luz se refleja en el suelo. Ayuda al robot a navegar por el camino. Definitivamente el desafío más difícil.



Tidy Up The Toys: The idea of this challenge was to organize the cubes. We used the claw to stack together the cubes in a specific area in the arena. We build the ones that Mr. Corteil supplied then we painted and glue them.Thank you Sr.!

Ordena los juguetes: La idea de este desafío era organizar los cubos. Usamos la garra para apilar los cubos en un área específica de la arena. Construimos los que nos proporcionó el Sr. Corteil, luego los pintamos y pegamos ¡Gracias Sr.!

DIY Obstacle Course: For this Challenge we used our imagination to build an awesome course. We built a ramp, an elevator, bridge, construction foam path. Even our robot passed through the 3D printer.
Carrera de obstáculos de bricolaje: para este desafío usamos nuestra imaginación para construir una pista increíble. Construimos una rampa, un ascensor, un puente, un camino de espuma de construcción. Incluso nuestro robot pasó por la impresora 3D.

Sad and happy story coming up...😑😒😓😔

We went to our hometown square to video this course. Even had to ask permission in the Mayor's House. 
Fuimos a la plaza de nuestra ciudad natal para grabar este curso en video. Incluso tuvimos que pedir permiso en la Casa del Alcalde. 

.....Then one of the motors died died died and we didn't had one with us so we had to go back to the garage and fix it with a slower motors we found and did the course finally back at home in our Marquesina. 
....Entonces uno de los motores murió murió murió y no teníamos uno con nosotros, así que tuvimos que volver al garaje y arreglarlo con motores más lentos que encontramos y finalmente hicimos el curso en nuestra Marquesina.



Lets Dive into the Adeept...

Hello Friends, Ian here!!

    I want to show you the insides of our Jhonny-5. The core of this robot has a raspberry pi as the main controlling device that sends instructions to every component. The picture below is a Raspberry Pi 4 with the main parts. You can find more information on their website :

 Hola amigos, Ian aquí !!

    Quiero mostrarte el interior de nuestro Jhonny-5. El núcleo de este robot tiene una Raspberry Pi como principal dispositivo de control que envía instrucciones a cada componente. La siguiente imagen es una Raspberry Pi 4 con las partes principales. Puede encontrar más información en su sitio web: https: //

Raspberry Pi 4

    If you are wondering what is a Raspberry Pi, well you are in luck because I am here to help you.  The raspberry pi is a low cost, hand size little computer that you can connect to a TV or monitor. It uses a keyboard and mouse like a normal desktop computer and enables people of all ages to explore computing, and to learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python. The raspberry pi has the ability to interact with the outside world through their GPIO's (General Purpose I/O) Pins. This is diagrams that shows these pins.

    Si te estás preguntando qué es una Raspberry Pi, pues estás de suerte porque estoy aquí para ayudarte. La Raspberry Pi es una pequeña computadora de bajo costo, del tamaño de una mano, que puedes conectar a un televisor o monitor. Utiliza un teclado y un mouse como una computadora de escritorio normal y permite a personas de todas las edades explorar la informática y aprender a programar en lenguajes como Scratch y Python. El raspberry pi tiene la capacidad de interactuar con el mundo exterior a través de sus pines GPIO (Puertos de Propósito General). Este diagrama muestra estos pines.

In our project we connected the Adeept Motor Hat on top of the GPIO's. The Addept motor Hat give access to: 

 En nuestro proyecto conectamos el Adeept Motor Hat en los GPIOs. El sombrero motor Addept da acceso a:

  1. Motors
  2. LEDs
  3. Line Tracking Sensors
  4. Ultrasonic Sensors
  5. Neopixels (WS2812)



 DON'T Be scared of the spaghetti

 Its part of the JOB !

Friday, June 25, 2021

Story of our Robot!

The Story of our ROBOT! 

La Historia de nuestro ROBOT!

Hello Folks, Lucas  here !!!

    After we went to local WAPA TV Staiton we recived many tools and gifts from a  generous donor from Texas, USA. One of the gift was an Adeept raspTank robot Kit and we decided to build it. It has claw and cool tracks which we thought was the ideal kit for the Pi Wars Competition. 

Hola amigos, aquí Lucas !!!

    Después de ir a WAPA TV Staiton, recibimos muchas herramientas y obsequios de un generoso donante de Texas, EE. UU. Uno de los obsequios fue un kit de robot raspTank de Adeept y decidimos construirlo. Tiene garra y cadenas geniales que pensamos que era el kit ideal para la competencia Pi Wars.

    It took several hours to build and many bags of chips and soda cans. It was hard beacause we had many cables to fit inside a small kit. Everyone got a chance to build.

    Se necesitaron varias horas para construir y muchas bolsas de papas fritas y latas de refresco. Fue difícil porque teníamos muchos cables para caber dentro de un kit pequeño. Todos tuvieron la oportunidad de construir.

May be an image of indoor

We name our robot Jhonny 5 because of the movie Short Circuit from the 80's

💥 (Yes we love the 80s)💓

Nombramos a nuestro robot Jhonny 5 por la Pelicula Short Circuit de los 80's

💥 (Si, Amamos los 80)💓

This list contains some features thar are great for the competition:

Esta es una lista de los materiales que usamos en el proyecto

  1.  1x Adeept Motor HAT V2.0
  2.  1x Raspberry Pi Camera(with Cable)
  3.  1x Ultrasonic Sensor Module
  4.  4x Adeept WS2812 RGB LED Module
  5.  1x Adeept 3-CH Line Tracking Module
  6.  5x Servo
  7.  2x Gear Motor
  8.  2x Motor Seat Set
  9.  2x Track
  10.  1x Battery Holder Set
  11.  1x Cross Socket Wrench
  12.  2x Cross Screwdriver(Small and Large)
  13.  1x HexWrench-2.0mm
  14.  1x Winding Pipe
  15.  Other necessary accessories(Wires, Nuts, Screws, Copper Standoffs, Couplings)


We want to thanks Danny Ramirez for all you have done for our Talleres de Marquesina!
You are awesome Buddy!

Monday, March 29, 2021

Lorenzo's Notes...

My name is Lorenzo Antonio Quiñones Santiago, I am 12 years old and live in Puerto Rico. I am in 7th grade and I have been home schooled since 1st grade. My favorite subjects are Science and Math; I like playing video games and I like to play outside.
Mi nombre es Lorenzo Antonio Quiñones Santiago, tengo 12 años y vivo en Puerto Rico. Estoy en séptimo grado y he sido educado en casa desde el primer grado. Mis materias favoritas son Ciencias y Matemáticas, me gusta jugar videojuegos y me gusta jugar al aire libre.


I am a team member of Talleres de Marquesina. On March 3 we were part of an interview led by Ada Monzon on WAPAtv a Nationa TV Station here in Puerto Rico. It was a great experience to be in the local news and to meet the reporters of WAPAtv, it was cool to see how everything works in the studio. 

Soy miembro del equipo de Talleres de Marquesina. El 3 de marzo fuimos parte de una entrevista dirigida por Ada Monzon en WAPAtv una Estacion de Television Nacional. Fue una gran experiencia estar en las noticias locales y conocer a los reporteros de WAPAtv fue genial ver cómo funciona todo en el estudio


We were very exited to showcase our progress of the  event and informing other people so they can involve themself in this project or support us. We are thankful to Ada Monzon and WAPAtv for inviting us . And I got to explain to Ada Monzon and Obed Borrero(a reporter of technology for WAPAtv) how my car works.  

Estábamos muy emocionados de mostrar nuestro progreso del evento e informar a otras personas para que puedan involucrarse en este proyecto o apoyarnos. Estamos agradecidos a Ada Monzon y WAPAtv por invitarnos. Y pude explicarle a Ada Monzon y a  Obed Borrero (reportero de technologia en WAPAtv) como sirve mi auto.


You could access the interview here on this link, it is in spanish sorry.

Accede al link para que veas nuestra entrevista








What is a Raspberry pi?

Hello, my name is Allison Pollock and I will be this week's blogger. Many kids and adults are interested in learning about the amazing  ...